Regeneration Healing Workshop Testimonials

"Phoenix rocked! Thanks so much Ken and Ann and everyone there! It was a joy and a delight and I am eternally grateful for the internal and external connections made while there creating beauty, healing and alignment to and with the Creator! Immense gratitude! ♥ ♥ ♥"  ~Theresa

"I am posting late about the wonderful class we had in Phoenix. I had stayed on for an extended time and just arrived home today.
Ken and Ann did a marvelous job of presenting the material in an easy going flowing manner. I observed shifts in others, as emotional blocks were lifted accompanied with tears. I was also fortunate to be in the group with Cynthea when she went through a very large shift. She looked so different afterward, as if a huge weight had been lifted off her. A youthful softness came into her face. In my own case, a knee I had worked on feels the best it has in years. The people who have signed up for the Vegas class are in for treat! 

Many thanks to Ken and Ann for providing the opportunity for us to take this class and to share the information with others."  ~Ken

"Before the Phoenix workshop I had heard people say and had read the first three lines of the process. Then Ken spoke them in the class and Ken is that energy. There is a difference between reading and hearing and being in the energy of it. I am not explaining this well . After the workshop just hearing those three lines in my mind starts such gentle, fine energy filling my being. What a gift this has opened for me."  ~Cynthia 

"I would like to share another gaining from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ during one process I mention I have been having some pain in my tail bone for several months. Sometimes goes and then come back. This time I drove 6 hours straight and no pain whatsoever. I was blown away. Wow this really works!!!!! I love it. Thanks again to Ken and Ann for making this possible NOW"  ~Marcelo 

"One of the best of the Newer Energetic seminars available. Loved Ken and Ann's presentations, flow of the work, the intimate work done with the participants and the successes already received! Thank you!"  ~Genevieve

"Dear Ken,
I am sorry..I greatly underestimated the field of this work the energy is so powerful. I went to Vegas and forgot a medication I take for acid reflux. Usually I will have a sore throat as soon as I drink Sunday I realized I felt great, have not taken the meds since coming home. Today I did an abundance code and I went to the bank to do my deposits. I forgot my atm card, as I searched..i found a $100.00 bill..that was not there previously..wonderful. So pleeeease I appologize..I felt the work primarily was clearing all the energy workers in the room..the ones that never take time for themselves. It does so much more, the energy shifts are very strong. Worked on my mom today, as she has one kidney, she felt energy flickering where the absent kidney had been. Looking forward to much more Thank you"  ~Donna

"At 2am, I worked with someone who has constant seizures - the mom of the little Autistic boy I worked with last week. We did our session during sleeping time, so she can be more open to receiving (not worrying about getting another seizure during our appointment).

Here's her response: I woke up at 2:32 am and felt a warm sensation in my belly chest and head ... it felt calming and I got excited right away because I knew it was healing. Half hour later I fell back asleep, then woke up at 4 to a night seizure. I don't feel too bad today, taking it easy. But so far today no seizures, just aura's!! I feel soooo positive for the first in a long time...THANK YOU!!! Love u so...will talk soon :)

For everyone who recently joined this group - please know that I've been doing this work for only a month, since I took Ken's workshop in March. And this is the first healing modality I've learned. Ken's made this work so elegant and yet so simple. I recommend that everyone take a workshop on this method, as we all need the foundational principles to bring the best possible outcome to the people we are working with."   ~Ida

"I just heard about a workshop you did (recently?) in Las Vegas, and the emphasis was on the amazing sacred space that you created in the room.  It really knocked people out (in a good way); it seemed that being in that space with you was itself worth more than the price of the admission...  Is there an e-mail list that I need to enroll in to get the info regarding your Sept. workshops?"

Thanks and love,



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