If you are interested in hosting a Regeneration Healing workshop in your area, please contact Sharon Bovalina, using the form at the bottom of this page, or email Sharon@doorwaytochanges.com


Sharon Bovalina will be presenting future Regeneration Healing workshops, as well as offering private, one-on-one training.  Her teaching offers a unique blend of this magnificent work!   

Her knowledge and experiences with Regeneration Healing will hold you captivated, and allow for an easy transition into using the material presented.  Sharon will guide you through the Regeneration Healing processes allowing them to incorporate easily into your everyday life situations.

Regeneration Healing can and has been used successfully for Self Healing.  Not only can you restore health to your physical body, but you can heal your finances, occupation, relationships, fitness, aging, and your path in life.   

Join Sharon on a journey that will change how you think!  Learn how to shape the world around you.  Organ Regeneration or replacement has been part of the sacred literature of many faiths.  It, also, is a feature in the oral indigenous wisdom in many lands.  The intention for the workshop is to have everyone able to use these "tools" for Self Healing.  As we heal, the world heals!  

This is not a medical workshop or training.  It is presented for individuals to achieve an expansion of consciousness growth, and awareness.  There will be no medical diagnosis, nor treatments given to those attending the workshop.  

Sharon is a certified RH practitioner.  She has studied RH under the guidance of Ken & Ann Graydon, Dr. Houston Vetter, and Brad & Genevieve Corbin.  RH has become an active part of life for Sharon, as she uses it to benefit businesses, personal health issues for clients, as well as their pets.  She is a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Certified Study Group Leader, and has attended all 4 Matrix Energetics levels.  She is  attuned as a Reiki II practitioner, and has completed her studies in Naturopathy.  Sharon has also, studied with Dr. Hector Garcia, Dr. Kam Yuen, Dr. Hania Armengol, and Jaden Rose Phoenix to further expand her growth in consciousness.  She was the coordinator of the September 2011 RH Workshop in Pittsburgh, PA, where she was driven by the importance of spreading the knowledge of RH so that others could heal themselves.  Sharon has since presented the March 2012 RH Workshop in Pittsburgh, PA, and is looking forward to teaching future workshops, as well as private instructions.


Workshop & Private Training Pricing

Register & Pay for an upcoming workshop or private training 

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Sharon Bovalina at Sharon@doorwaytochanges.com to pay via check.  

*Note - if you attended the workshop in Pittsburgh, September 2011 or March 2012 a discount is being given.   Please select the correct box for payment.

Refund policy:  If this workshop should be cancelled, a full refund of the price of the workshop will be refunded.  Cancellations for personal reasons will be given credit towards a future workshop, or you may sell or transfer your workshop payment to a friend.    

Practical teaching demonstrations and opportunities for personal practice are included so that attendees will be able to use and teach the Regeneration Healing processes in their own practice.  

Workshop Topics:

Removing Blocks from Receiving

Conscious Co-Creation

Boosting the Immune System

Balancing Body Chemistry

Weight Reduction

Treating Medications, Water, and Food

Rejuvenating the Digestive and Endocrine Systems

Releasing Cancer 

Becoming younger

Regenerating the Spine

Erasing Birth Defects

Becoming Younger - Creating your Fountain of Youth

Organ Regeneration

Whole Body Regeneration

Co-Creating Abundance

Multidimensional and Generational Clearing

Sending OR healing energy to family/clients remotely

And many more.

Two comprehensive workbooks will be given to each participant

A Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants who complete the workshop, and complete a follow-up practicum.

Additional information about Organ Regeneration can be found at 


If you are interested in attending or hosting a Regeneration Healing workshop, please fill out the form below.

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